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Welcome to chocolate-lifestyle .

I have undertaken to fully explore every gooey and delicious mouthful of chocolate knowledge. This passion has been quietly bubbly away and rose to the surface following the English TV series Willie`s Wonky Chocolate Factory. I imported this 100% cacao product, and began making truffles and cakes etc. The taste was amazing!! This single origin cacao product is as versatile as it is flavour packed. I was chocolate hooked.  Additional and extensive research followed; I undertook a chocolate making course, then set out to list and visit our many Melbourne artisan chocolate retailers. I even gave a chocolate presentation to a regional group of workers, complete with chocolate history, tastings and a goodie bag to take home! The journey continues.

The world of chocolate now extends to much more than our once traditional milky chocolate bars widely available on the supermarket shelf. Quality Chocolate appreciation in this country is akin to Australian wine in the 1960's; in its infancy. Chocolate is about Taste
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Chocolate Understanding

Chocolate what does it mean to me?

That’s not easy, gee

Albeit milk or dark in all its glory

I have learned a little of the chocolate story

From Aztec drink with bitter flavour

To its current sweetness, I truly savour.


As I journey on my quest

To understand cacao, fillings, and all the rest

Chocolate really does consume my very self

And sits among the groceries on my pantry shelf

Once used just for flavourings, cakes or icing too

Now I make rich truffles, even add it to a stew!


Munch, there goes another chocolate bite

As I gaze at some new choc website


I just want to say

Raise the flag! For it is chocolate I do adore

And thank goodness, it is well within the law!



Heather Kaye 2011©